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I am not a musician, but I know good music when I hear it. My wife, Preoteasa Cornelia, is a musician. She conducted the "George Enescu" choir for over 27 years and included all the music contained in the CD and cassette: Romanian Carols and Hymns for Christmas and Easter. Taped by a group of 11 professional American singers from the Choral Arts Society of Washington, D.C., under the care of Mrs. Larisa A Lucaci-Vashee, the final product was taped and issued on a cassette and CD through the generosity of her brother, George P. Lucaci.

To be frank, we were somewhat skeptical that non-Romanians could do justice to Romanian music. To our surprise, we were completely wrong. The group not only mastered the music to perfection, but rendered it in an impeccable Romanian. Mrs. Larisa A. Lucaci-Vashee went to great pains to get the correct pronunciation and inflection. One can never tell that they are not native Romanian singers.

The music was sung by "George Enescu" choir and others. The rendition by these 11 professionals not only compares favorably with the best of them, but in many respects surpasses them. With careful and tedious training they were able to convey the subtleties and pathos intended by the composers themselves.

The selections cover the span of ht emore important Church Christmas and Easter music, with the popular Romanian carols which, hopefully, will be appreciated and adopted by the larger spectrum of American listeners.

That George P. Lucaci and his sister, Larisa A. are ardent supporters and promoters of Romanian music and culture in general is no wonder when one has followed their parents' activities in this domain for the past 45 years. Peter Lucaci, national president of the Union & League of Romanian Societies of America and editor of the "America" Romanian News, together with his wife, Larisa, a Romanian folklorist and choir member, have imbued their children with love for their heritage.

Rev. Fr. Vasile Hategan


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